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Thrive Global: Winning Consumer Trust In The Age of COVID19

Consumers today are dealing with an ever-shifting landscape below their feet, with pandemic spikes, reopenings and closings, so if your organization can provide consistently this will help build trust.  One thing is certain as the world begins to emerge from lockdown trust and transparency have never been more important. The post-pandemic consumer will have new tendencies and places primary emphasis on trust.  What can you do as an organization to help reduce the fears and anxieties your customers have? 

Communication and trust are built on transparency, when there is perceived deception from a consumer lens it becomes very difficult for a business to rebuild that trust and gain back loyalty. According to the EY Future Consumer Index just 21 percent of consumers trust brands, and 20 percent trust retailers. Consumers are realizing that COVID19 and its effects across all aspects fo their lives will continue for some time, it becomes important that businesses shift their models, communications, and operating procedures to meet consumers’ new expectations of them by reinforcing trusted relationships. Especially now when the share of wallet has been disrupted with closures or supply chain issues across industries consumers are seeking alternatives and looking for organizations that are prioritizing their needs above all. Success may depend on how well a brand can pivot, communicate, and be transparent in how they are keeping consumers health and safety at the forefront. 

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