Sol Girouard, Founder and CEO of Klen App Reveals How To Keep Communities Safe by Building Trust in a World being Restructured by COVID-19 On Bermuda Tonight

Founder and CEO of Klen App, Sol Girouard, was the featured guest on Bermuda Tonight with host Grae Minors talking about how to keep communities safe by building trust and transparency between consumers and businesses in a world being restructured by COVID-19.

According to Girouard, Klēn was designed to empower owners and operators across small businesses and large enterprises to provide the necessary transparency in prioritizing the health and safety of both workers and consumers.

Girouard, said “COVID has challenged so many systems, tech systems, infrastructure, supply-chain, but also the human system. We as consumers and as people, we’re a little lost. We don’t know, what to do, what to follow including the lack of trust and transparency into health and safety precautions ”.

When host Grae Minors stated how Klēn uses, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, aggregating data to provide a comprehensive overview of what companies are doing to keep consumers safe, creating a sense of cohesion in the community. Girouard answered, “With the ongoing concern surrounding Covid-19 and its variants, and in light of the recent rise in cases in Bermuda, consumers are likely to remain hyper-aware of how businesses are prioritizing cleanliness, safety, and distancing when deciding where to shop and what to buy.”.

Sol Girouard Sol is a Mathematical Economist, CAIA, Data Scientist, Quant, and Computer Scientist who channels her interdisciplinary background in applied sciences to the intersection of financial markets and technology. Sol is the CEO of Data Innovation Labs, a full-service Data Science and Decision Intelligence consulting group deploying 4IR technologies and AI, and implementing digital transformation across business verticals..

The pilot program is now available for businesses on the island. To activate your profile and begin communicating COVID-19 safety on the Klēn platform, sign up at: