“Guidance: the guidance provided by Klēn to the Customer at https://app.klen.io relating to the standards of cleanliness, hygiene and other matters with respect to COVID-19″

Klēn provides business Customers with publicly available COVID-19 guidance and protocols based on data aggregated from public health experts and authorities. These include, but are not limited to, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), nationally accredited state, local, and tribal health departments plus other governmental and quasi-governmental organizations.  The sources of the Guidance will be cited and available on https://www.klen.io and updated from time to time.

When a business Customer activates an account on https://app.klen.io or https://www.klen.io. they complete a Know Your Business check and undergo a verification process.  

Part of the onboarding process is all Customers will complete a Guideline Questionnaire which contains industry-specific Guidance items which the owner must complete with Customer Information: 

  • A checklist of Guidance items will appear, each with a statement
  • You can designate up to two owners per location who are allowed to respond and update the Guidance items 
  • Statements for each Guidance item will appear with boxes to be checked off
  • If your business currently adheres to the stated guideline you check the box labeled “yes”, if not, you check the box labeled “no”
  • One free text area is available for you to add your own procedures to the list of items, eg, “We disinfect the checkout counter and payment pin pad between every customer”
  • These procedures will be then visible to consumers within the Klēn platform
  • Your adherence to Guidance items can be updated at any time, and we may send you alerts and push notifications from time to time to help you with this

Business Customers must be as correct, accurate and honest as possible when inputting Customer Information describing their adherence to the Guidance, and follow Klen’s 10 guidelines below:

  1. Please do not lie. You are fully responsible for your statements so please make them accurate.  Ensuring you have happy, healthy customers is the goal.
  2. Carefully consider that you are 100% following a Guidance item before checking “yes” in the checkbox.
  3. Check “no” if you do not fully follow a Guidance item.  For example, if you follow a Guidance item say 70% of what is stated, still check “no.”  If in any doubt, check “no” and see point 4 below.  Consumers visiting your business will judge you on what you state, so please do your best to be very clear. 
  4. If you cannot check a box “yes” because you do not 100% follow that Guidance item, we encourage you to upgrade your procedures so you can confidently check “yes” in the future.
  5. To the degree possible, we encourage you to make your adherence to Guidance items visible and public so Consumers that visit your business can see it and judge your adherence accurately.
  6. Please do add any additional protocols you follow which are above and beyond established guidelines. 
  7. Any entries in the free text area must not only be accurate but also comply with Klen’s Content Guidelines https://klen.io/content-guidelines/ 
  8. Businesses with multiple locations should ensure each location manager updates their own independent adherence on a location by location basis so any differences will be clear and visible. 
  9. Please update your adherence to the Guidance on a regular basis to assure they are being communicated accurately in the platform. 
  10. Check the Guidance frequently.  Klen will do its best to alert Customers to new protocols but… the responsibility is still ultimately yours.

Don’t forget that when Consumers visit your business, they will post their opinions as to whether you are adhering to the Guidance items you said you follow.  Positive Consumer votes boost Klēn’s confidence that the guidance is being followed correctly and consistently.  Negative votes decrease this confidence.

So if you are getting consistently negative feedback, we strongly suggest you go back and revise your responses to the Guidance.  Use the feedback as a guide to deliver the safety standards your customers want.  

Please note:  Klen makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of the Guidance.  The Guidance is supplemental and DOES NOT REPLACE the guidance, protocols or other requirements of the Customer’s industry, federal, state, municipal, township, country or other government or regulatory authority, without limitation.

The Guidance is provided on a best-efforts basis only and MUST NOT BE RELIED UPON by the Customer to satisfy internal or external compliance, legal, insurance or any other regulatory requirements regarding any matters whatsoever or howsoever in connection with or arising from COVID-19, health, safety, licensing or certification without limitation.  Please refer to the Terms & Conditions in the Klen SaaS Agreement and Documentation on https://app.klen.io.