How to get customers to return like pre-pandemic...

Klēn’s Economic Recovery Cloud (ERC) builds consumer trust and provides you a competitive advantage in the New Normal.

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If you’re serious about getting your business to thrive in a pandemic economy, then claiming your Klēn profile may just be the most important 3 minutes you spend on your business in 2020.

Recently the global consulting firm McKinsey released a report stating 80% of US Consumers Have Anxiety about Indoor Dining, this consumer fear goes beyond the restaurant sector and crosses over to any indoor establishment.  

There has been a seismic shift in consumer buying behavior with cleanliness at the core 

I’m sure you already know consumer trust is the new currency in the pandemic economy, safety is the new amenity, and customers crave direct communication to ensure their well-being.

The wrong customer pandemic strategy plan and approach for winning back business, can not only prevent you from obtaining your revenue goals, damage your reputation in the community, put your staff in harm’s way but could land you as another statistic with the 163,735 businesses that became casualties.

In many cases, the pandemic has forced an evolve or die moment. 

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Deliver transparency & trust.

The Klēn platform provides you with a single dashboard that gives you the CDC, State and Local guidelines that apply to your business as well as a simple way to communicate your compliance efforts with your customers.

In addition, it also delivers business insights across different types of businesses, locations, and which cleaning and safety actions your consumers value the most so that you can rebuild and thrive during these unprecedented times.

  • Remove confusion and stay up to date with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.
  • Use social proof to demonstrate your commitment to customer and community safety.
  • Gain deep insight into your customer’s behaviors and their preferences during COVID-19.

Build Customers Trust and Thrive in a Post Pandemic Economy

Demonstrate your commitment to your customer’s health and safety and engage your community through our review process

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CDC, State and Local guidelines delivered in a single questionnaire.

Showcase the steps you are taking

Your COVID-19 protocols are provided to customers to help them understand the measures you’re taking to protect them.

Empowering Businesses In Austin

Designed to empower owners and operators with large or small establishments to take the necessary steps to prioritize the health and safety of staff, visitors and other stakeholders. 

Our transparent communication channel helps you engage your patrons and prospective customers by building trust and demonstrating your compliance with cleaning guidelines.    


For small/medium-sized businesses.

Communicate How You Take Consumer Health Seriously:

  • Share the cleaning protocols you are following to assure the health of your employees and customers.
  • Access the only aggregated list of relevant guidelines across CDC, State, Local and Industry in a single dashboard.
  • Showcase adherence to guidelines with near-time updates to when and how you are keeping customers safe during operating hours.
  • Gain insights based on scores, comparisons, best practices and consumer behavior across geographies and different verticals to better position your business.
  • Transparent and trusted communication channel with your customers.
  • Communicate to customers what you are doing over and above guidelines.
  • No installation required.
  • Our cost is typically less than the revenue generated from a single haircut or meal served - we made this for all businesses to participate.

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