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Klēn® Provides Businesses Tools To Communicate COVID-19 Safety With Ease.

Learn How Klēn® is Revolutionizing Health and Safety.

We know that you are taking extraordinary measures to adhere to guidelines.

Do Your Customers Know?

Keep your customers informed and increase their confidence in your business by letting them know that you are complying with CDC and local guidelines to keep them safe.


Klēn® For Business

Delivers transparency & trust.

The Klēn® platform provides you with a single dashboard that gives you the CDC, State and Local guidelines that apply to your business as well as a simple way to communicate your compliance efforts with your customers.

In addition, it also delivers business insights across different types of businesses, locations, and which cleaning and safety actions your consumers value the most so that you can rebuild and thrive during these unprecedented times.

  1. Remove confusion and stay up to date with COVID-19 regulations and guidelines.
  2. Use social proof to demonstrate your commitment to customer and community safety.
  3. Gain deep insight into your customer’s behaviors and their preferences during COVID-19.
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Klēn® is Critical to Reopening the Economy

We must find smart strategies for reopening businesses while minimizing health risks.​
The next phase of the pandemic will require owners and operators to commit to a common vision for reopening, beginning with a commitment to safety.
More customers would come to a low-risk business than a high-risk business. More customers will come to a business that has successfully mitigated the risk compared to one that either didn’t or couldn’t successfully mitigate the risk.

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